South Cafe: A taste of Bengaluru

Cuisines: South Indian

Filters: Vegetarian Only, Dine-in

Attributes: Lively

From the land of Coffee Karnataka, serving Filter Coffee and wholesome food is SOUTH CAFE-TASTE OF BENGALURU! The eatery was inaugurated by the Ahmedabad city Mayor Mrs Meenaksi Patel last month and has been successfully running since the past Four and a Half years in Gandhinagar.

Amongst the array that they had to offer we initiated our Bengaluru culinary journey with the MADDUR VADDA. We bet you never came across a place in Ahmedabad serving the same! Served with a green-coconut chutney, the vada tends to be a good teaser, giving a good indication as to what might follow. With their focus on fresh produce and an authentic taste to their cuisine, the cafe serves breakfast from 8.00 in the morning, lunch as well as dinner! 

Their set breakfast meal features an idli, a medu vada, upma and of course who can miss out on their FILTER COFFEE which is ground from the beans available only in Karnataka! Despite the fact, you might have come across idlis and vadas at N number of places, South Cafe adds a Bengaluru touch to the same. Onto the Set Lunch, which consists of Rice, Sambhar, Rasam, paliya (dry subji), puri, sagu (mixed vegetable), kesari bhath, pickle, papad, butter-milk and lastly to complete the meal with, curd rice. The Kesari Bhath adds a pleasing aroma to the meal overall.

One of the main highlights of this cafe is their array of rice! Out of the many, we blindly pinpointed our finger to the menu and tried the PULIYOGARAY and Lemon Rice and boy, did it please out palette! Extremely light yet, filling. The PICKLE RAVA ROLL seemed to catch our eye and on tasting, I concluded that it works more or less like an accompaniment to a meal with the burst of taste it offers in each and every bite. An accompanying duo of freshly mixed white and red coconut chutney were the ideal companions along-with the same as well as the CORN UTTAPAM.

We observed that the regular dosas here also have a different aroma in that. When we enquired regarding this they explained that the Masala dosa have a layer of chutney with all spices and red chillies while the mysore masala dosa has a layer of chutney with all green colour masala including green chillies, coriander and pudhina. This makes the dosa more tastier and flavoured.

All in all, the cafe is done up in sober colours with plush sofas with neat cutlery to take you on a trip down South where it is ever-so-present. South Cafe offers its patrons set breakfast and lunch meals, quick bites, starters, side dishes, dosas, pickles and wholesome rice meals from its comprehensive menu of cracking value Southern Indian food and an uber-friendly South-Indian lady handles the café.

May it be for a quick bite before work, or a dire craving South Indian craving on a sluggish day, South Cafe is a must for you and your taste-buds. Cheers.

Address: FF-140, Satyam Mall, near Mansi Circle, Vatrapur, Ahmedabad-15
Contact: +91-9427625601

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