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Authentic vegetarian Kannada food, recipes from agrarian Karnataka, made from staples of the state; SOUTH CAFE-TASTE OF BENGALURU checks all these boxes. While you can enjoy the full meal or any of the snacks, try and make it there on Saturday to try their PONGAL RICE or Sunday for their BISI-BELE BHATH (3Bs) which is a unique Bangalorean dish and the Chefs at South Cafe cook this delicacy to perfection.

One can't be judge over a span of two visits but, the level of consistency that they've had is worth mentioning. The food was sublime this time around as well!!
The LEMON RICE were neither too squishy nor too hard and layer them with the mild chutney, you can't stop hogging. The coconut chutney is cool, light & frothy while, the tomato chutney had just the right tang. Unlike at other "Southern" restaurants, the sambhar wasn't sweet for a change, which is always a welcome surprise. When it comes to their MIXED VEGETABLE UTTAPUM, I need to give you all a heads up that this not your 'regular mixed veg uttapum' topped with onion, tomato and capsicum, in fact this Uttapum had diced carrots, beans and cauliflower and tastes better.
Another main course I really liked and wanted to polish it off completely was the SET DOSA with SAAGU. The main highlight of this dish was the Saagu which is also served along-with the KHALI DOSA, which as the name goes is khaali and plain. Back to the Saagu, which essentially is a Mixed Vegetable and is one of the most popular side dishes in almost all restaurants in Karnataka that is usually served with Chapati , Poori, Set Dosa, Rava Idli, Rava Dosa, the list is endless. Its so delicious and definitely a crowd pleaser.
The PANEER MASALA DOSA was suitably crisp, its paneer mixture tempered with curry leaves, in a way reminded me fondly of my trip down south. The CHEESE PALAK ROLL is quite satisfying in its taste, texture, consistency and as the name states; The key source of vitamin A, Palak and Cheese are blended well with mild spice to it. The mixture is then spread on the dosa, while eating the dosa one will never conclude that it consists of palak, since all you can taste is cheese! Surely the kids will start loving it and gorge on palak the same time.
You could also opt for their SOUTH CAFE COMBO, a perfect, wholesome meal which comprises of the typical South Indian Food, namely an Idli, a Vada, a Masala Dosa, the Rice of the Day, served with Buttermilk and Pickle and that is not all, South Cafe also serves 15 DIFFERENT TYPES OF RASAMS which we bet you won't get ANYWHERE in the city.
South Cafe - The Taste of Bengaluru works the age old trend of authentic cuisine and elegant presentation perfectly for you all to take in and cherish. Cheers. 
Address: FF-140, Satyam Mall, near Mansi Circle, Vatrapur, Ahmedabad-15
Contact: +91-9427625601
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