South Indian Brunch on Weekends @ Sambar cafe, Manipur

Cuisines: South Indian

Filters: Vegetarian Only, Outdoor seating

Attributes: Cafes, Pocket-Friendly

'A filter coffee with flavoursome authentic South Indian breakfast, after a beautiful early morning long drive.'- This is how weekend mornings are supposed to be.
પણ આવી જગ્યા છેજ ક્યાં અમદાવાદ માં!? - Now there is- SAMBAR CAFE, MANIPUR!
A new cafe that serves mouth-watering South Indian delicacies in a soothing open-air ambience.
Once you’re down there and devouring these, you’ll be forced to think- ‘Why does all of it taste so different?’ The answer is hidden in the quality of the ingredients- Coffee beans are sourced from Coorg, the Sambar is made using a masala that is made in-house, Dosas are made in pure Gheee! Oh, we just cannot stop.
But, We’re sure - you’re drooling- if you’ve come this far. Cheers.
Address: Bus Stop, Plot No 609, Nr Dev Vatika Bungalows, Dental College, Manipur Rd, Ghuma
No: 7874444757
Timings: 9 AM to 9 PM
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