Spend your time with ease at TURN UP CAFE & LOUNGE

Cuisines: Mexican, Italian, Fast Food, Beverages

Filters: Non Veg, Outdoor seating, Dine-in

Attributes: Sheesha/Hookah

Where: Greenwoods Resort, 5 mins drive from Vaishav Devi Circle.
Why: Probably the first 24*7 open air Sheesha Joint of Ahmedabad | Party place | Pool table | Calm Ambiance | Big open air screen

So what if our city is ‘dry’, we sure can high on ‘hukka’ – may be that’s the reason why so many Hukka Joints have popped around the city - a few of them cheesy, a few good, and then a few really amazing. But even with so many joints around, our thirst for ‘something new everytime’ keeps growing.

TURN UP CAFE & LOUNGE has this & that & beyond that – almost everything you & your friends long for.  One step inside the place and you start feeling good already – the calmness of the café coupled with trees around gives it a super beautiful effect.
You would want to sit down, look around and relax. And then when you look around you see a good crowd enjoying their ‘drags’, and you see a few friends bending over the pool table aiming to win a round or two. The background music of that water flowing through brightly lit fountain tops up the already pepped up atmosphere.

While the sheesha menu offers some really different flavors, their food menu has mocktails, sandwiches & a variety of food to offer. We will be catching up on their food in our next article … until then you know what exactly do : call up a couple of friends, drive down to Turn up, walk inside, feel the place, take a drag, look around, crack jokes, pull your friends leg – basically hang out, chill & have fun!

Tags: Spend your time with ease at TURN UP CAFE & LOUNGE, Turn up Cafe & Lounge

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