Spiti Village - 7 different languages- One valley- One Village!!!

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The Middle Earth, straight from the LOTR’s plot, this one village in India is mysterious in many a ways. One village, 7 dialects, one valley. Explore ISOLATION !!!

What’s This:

Known as the ‘Middle Country’, Spiti Village is nestled between Nepal and pakistan’s northwest frontier province. It borders the kingdom of Tibet and the indian states of HP, Uttranchal and Kashmir.

These remote valleys are largely isolated from each other from decades. They have preserved their distinct customs and traditions till date. To this day, people from one valley speak a absolutely different dialect from the other. Surprisingly upto 7 dialects may be spoken in the same valley!!!

What to Do:

Visit around the monasteries and explore their traditions which can be seen amongst the architectural marvels. The wonders of such monasteries on high cliff edges creates for a breath taking sight.

It is indeed said that this is the closet that humankind can experience heaven.

Monks are best guide to any Gompa (Monastery), initially they may be a bit reserve, but few questions and a smile will open them up. They will not only take you for a guided tour but open up locked treasure troves and most probably you will end your visit with a refreshing cup of tea and lifelong memories. Do check up with Lamas before you start taking photographs of interior areas/prayer halls.

Key Gompa( Key Monastery) 
Saskyagongmig Gompa (Tangyud Monastery)
Dhankar Gompa –
Tabo Monastery
Chandra Taal (Lake of the moon) – a beautiful natural lake surrounded by hills.

How to reach:

There are two options to reach to Spiti Valley:

You can approach is from Manali over the Rohtang pass and the Hampta Pass in the ) in the Chandra valley and then over the Kunzum pass 4550m into Spiti.  This route is usually only open June – October since the passes are quite high and get snowblocked easily.

The other route into Spiti is from the west on the All Weather Road (which is open all year)  from Shimla to Kaza via Reckong Peo. This is a journey of 420km over paved but mostly unpaved road and can take as long as 16hrs – 20hrs depending on road conditions and is best split up with an overnight stay in Kalpa or Reckong Peo.    This route requires an Inner Line Permit which is free and can be processed in Reckong Peo or Shimla

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