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Sporty Beans, a first-of-its kind sports school for pre-schoolers in Ahmedabad, offers coaching in 9 popular ball sports.

As the city gets its first sports school for pre-schoolers and children below the age of nine, parents, physical training teachers and coaches are excited. They say in unison that the earlier the start, the better it is for sports. Stating the obvious that the early bird catches the worm it seems that your toddler is in fact ready for structured sports instruction enabling a sound foundation that helps them in future to take up serious sports.

The idea is to catch the kids early and train them for the “open field”.  Sporty Beans is India’s most reputable multi-sport program for preschool and primary school children between the ages of 2.5 and 8 years. Their well-researched sport and fitness activities introduce children to the fundamental concepts and skills behind nine popular ball sports in a social, non-competitive, team based environment. 

It’s just not the games but the systematic approach to the activities.  The sessions are not pure play but are dedicated to the entire gamut of activities that prepare your kid for the fun part.  The one-hour sessions, twice weekly, begin with a warm-up followed by agility exercises. A game is then introduced to the child from the nine different games that are in the curriculum – Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Golf, Hockey, Cricket, Tennis & Rugby (non-contact).

Early childhood is the best time to learn and acquire new skills. Sport is an activity that requires maximum team work and this is best initiated in the early years. Children learn to play fair, fight fair and the concept of sportsmanship. Inculcating sports in children early exposes them to healthy competition. Also this is an age of electronic games that limit physical activities, therefore, sport activities are a better option for raising children.

The entire program is dedicated and built around giving your kids the best of Sporty Beans. Divided into three categories for different age groups – Junior (2.5 yrs - 4 yrs), Mighty (4 yrs - 6 yrs) and Mega Beans (6 yrs - 8 yrs), the curriculum is designed to include fun in an otherwise serious sports instruction that will help the child improve on many of their physical aspects and make them more alert to the nuances of the activities involved.

Their aim is not to teach the sport but to make the child have fun and make his/her first introduction to sport exciting and memorable. Rather, they are passionate about giving children, through sport, a solid foundation from which to develop many aspects of their lives. As well as physical improvements, they carefully develop life skills, such as confidence, concentration, social interaction, sportsmanship values and many more, in a caring and fun environment.

SportyBeans aims to transform children's lives across the Indian landscape, by introducing them to its developmental physical fitness and sports program. It is an all-year-round program. Enrolments are taken for a minimum of 12 weeks at a time and are open throughout the year.

Currently they have their presence in 9 States, 16 Cities and more than 30 centres and they have just launched their first centre in Ahmedabad i.e at Eklavya Sports Academy, Thaltej. 

SportyBeans brings to you the first ever multi-sport program for preschoolers in Ahmedabad.

So, if your child is a bundle of energy that you would like to channelize in the right way, then we INVITE you along with your child to come and experience the SportyBeans program on our DISCOVERY day at our Thaltej Centre.

Date          :   Sunday,  1st June 2014 & 8th June 2014

Time         :    9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

Venue       :    Eklavya Sports Academy
                     Nr. Hotel Cambay Grand
                     Auda Ground, Thaltej - 54

Contact    :     George Stephen - 9879527953

Email ID   :

To experience their world class child size and child safe training aids and sports equipment’s and the whole set up, please don’t forget to visit their facebook page link given below:

You can also visit their website



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