Starz Club Ahmedabad

Attributes: Weekend Getaway, Around the City

Where would you enjoy your weekend? At home or some mall?
Nah! Why not go for an outing? CityShor will always give you a different option to enjoy your weekend.

We bring to you Starz Club a perfect place to stay, have fun and hang out with your partner, family and friends. Just 45 minutes drive and you land at this beautiful place.

What do they provide? The answer is everything. You can have a luxurious experience there. Starz club offers you accommodation, Dining, Spa, Discotheque, Movie theatre, Indoor/outdoor sports, Gym, swimming pool, kids’ zone and many more.

We’ve so many times heard that where to go on a date with girlfriend or go with wife on anniversary. So here is the answer. You can enjoy an evening with your partner at Starz club’s. They have set up some boats where can have candle light dinner.

Who doesn’t love spa? Visit their Sohum Spa which is the best thing to relax there. So if you are going there after a busy week then you should not miss a chance to relax at Sohum Spa.

Also, you can celebrate almost any occasion like get-togethers, parties, birthday bash, club kitties, wedding, and reception. Whatever the occasion, they’ll make it memorable for you with their spectacular setting, personalized services and exclusive amenities.

For package and membership contact

Starz Club,
Aarohi Greens,
Near Adi Finechem,
Sanand Kadi Road,
Chekhla, Ahmedabad.
Phone: +91 9099049173 / 74

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