Stately Patolas at this Exhibition Starting from Today!

Attributes: Clothing, Saree

Gujarat is a state of rich culture, heritage, and tradition. Anyone residing in the State, will know of its specialty. From iconic fafda jalebi, to the traditional dance form “garba” we are spread widely in every imaginable aspect.

But there is something incredibly iconic about Patola saree’s hailing from Patan district of Gujarat. Patola is a double Ikat, hand woven saree made from silk. They are available in varied colours and were worn by the royals once upon a time. Even though it is uncommon to find original patola these days, it is available for a very high cost.

At CityShor, we know just how Ahmedabad loves to explore culture and relive our high-on-fashion traditional clothing styles. To add a hint of fun to your otherwise mediocre weekdays, we present to you the PATAN PATOLA AND RAJKOT PATOLA exhibition cum sale, hosted by Mr. Vijaybhai Patolavala.

You can expect to find the following things at the exhibit:

  • Rajkot patola and dupatta
  • Patan patola and dupatta
  • Bandhni Dupatta
  • Shawls
  • Patola Jacket
  • Cotton Patola Dupatta

This exhibition is for everyone, be it a person who owns and knows all about patola, or someone totally unaware of this style, and is exploring something extremely new. If you are the newbie, then you should definitely consider visiting, since, this art is worth gaining some knowledge about, so you can proudly boast the essence of the state.

Just make up your mind and time to visit this exhibition, and we will guide you with all the details you need, to get there.


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