Status Gallery

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Not getting any new space to exhibit your collection? Or sometimes finding the exhibition area too small or too big for your products’ display? Now you don’t have to worry as there is one more exhibition gallery in town to showcase best of your products.

Status Gallery, located at a prime location; has everything that you expect from an exhibition gallery. Whether you wish to display jewellery, garments or home décor products, Status Gallery has all the necessary equipments to help you displsy your products in the most appealing manner. What more, they even have a trial room. Status gallery makes a exhibition stand out in more then one way.
So, planning to showcase your products then you know whom to contact.

Address: 10 Arsh Complex, Prernatirth Derasar Rd, Nr Ratnakar 2, Satellite, Ahmedabad


Number: Ms. Jyoti Maru: +91 9879298400

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