Step Up All In: Movie Review

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Director: Trish Sie

Cast: Ryan Guzman, Briana Evigan, Misha Gabriel, Adam Sevani, Alyson Stoner, Izabella Miko.

By now, two things are certain in life – death, and a new dance-based movie with a horrible script. Every single one in the series follows the exact same narrative and style – an underdog has to beat a bunch of villainous dancers in a dance-off. So what do we have new in this film? Nothing really. 'Step Up All In' is the exact same film, with a different soundtrack and some different dancing styles.
We didn’t expect much from the storyline (just like Fast and Furious series) and we are sure you don’t watch these movies for the plot, so I'll skip that part altogether. What really matters in this film are astonishing dance moves. And on that front as well, the film is pretty okayish as well. Barring few ‘out of the blue’ moves, especially in the finale, the dance steps is not better than what we see in Dance India Dance or other shows.
Ideally, the filmmaker should have just not pretended to make a film; instead, he could have shown us a series of dance sequences. But we agree, watching dance sequences in the theatre is terrific. What’s worst is you don't have a remote to fast-forward or change the channel to avoid those inane dialogues and 'story'. Once you step-in for step-up, you have no option but to horribly wait for the next dance sequences which is surrounded by some very lame attempts at building a plot and dialogues. The only up side of the movie is you get to see ‘all-stars’  except one from the previous Step Up installments – and thereby probably the movie’s name is Step Up in All.
Parents need to know that Step Up: All In has a little bit of romance, targets tweens and teens, particularly those interested in hip-hop and dance crews, few ‘f’ words… barring that its absolutely  ok for them to watch it.
So all-in-all, 2 shors from 5.

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