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How do you feel when you have achieved your lifelong dream? They say it’s not the destination but it’s the journey that has to be enjoyed. Well, it’s a nice phrase; however, it is equally important or probably more to realize and achieve your lifelong dream.

Three months, a dream, passion, lot of hard work, struggle and finally it’s time to show-off the world that ‘you have arrived’.

It’s a story of an ordinary guy, Pradeep Parekh, who was into truck business – thanks to the legacy. But like every other individual he hated dealing with truck drivers, sleepless nights, truck accidents and lot of hassles too! But how many of us have dared to shut down what is established since 40 years and follow your heart. Well, this guy had guts to do it.

The result – an attractive, beautifully painted, colorful food wagon named ‘South 2 Mouth’ in the form of an auto rickshaw. Don’t you dare get confused with same old idlis and dosas of the world because there’s nothing predictable at the wagon? Well, we are not embarking on a food story as it’s the coming article where we disclose what they have in store for your tummy. For this article, we would like to showcase and appreciate the creativity and hard work that has gone into in presenting a new venture to Ahmedabad city.

Pradeep, famously known as Peddy, knew in his initial days that he is not meant for the same old monotonous business. A hard core Instagramer, a big time foodie, and cook with loads of experiments decided to turn his hobbies into business – resultantly, South 2 Mouth was born.

How about food? Well, if everything so far sounded different then of course food is no common! It’s not just another South Indian food joint! And to know what it is, either wait for the next article or visit the place. 

Address: Exactly Opp. H.L.Commerce College, Besides H.L.College Bus Stand, Navarngpura, Ahmedabad
Contact: +918460518183
Time: 11:30am to 11:30pm

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