Story of Manoj & his treasure on the road

Attributes: Decor, Lightings and Fans, Ceiling Hangings, Decor Pieces, Lighting & Lamps

It is no so tough to find him. We all have seen him probably. Well, maybe not him but his beautiful display. Right opposite to Jhansi ki Rani’s statue at Shivranjani, you must have had a glance at beautiful & colourful glass products. But, did you ever stop and took a close look? Well, even I hadn't until yesterday. Guess what, it was a treasure of glass products. You won’t believe me I guess but, browse through the photographs you will end up doing the same.
Manoj, the guy from Rajasthan is in this business since 40 years. No, he doesn't manufacture this stuff but gets it from another part of this country and hats off to him. Glass is a beautiful but delicate to deal with. I guess, nothing is as fragile as glass. I don’t know how he manages to bring these beautiful lamps, flower vases, and all from a city very far. How far? That place is approximately 950 kilometres away. So just selling them is not it but importing to Ahmedabad is more though than it might seem and for such struggling people, like Manoj, just imagine. He sleeps there at the same place and in the morning he uncovers this treasure to the world.
Let us talk about what treasure that he showcases. The products that you purchase for thousands from the showrooms, is very cheap with this guy. From 50 to 600 is the maximum amount you might end up paying. I loved the beautiful tiny and big hangings & lamps, flower vases with mirrors, artefacts with oysters fused in them, artefacts with cracked effect or anything which is simple yet beautifully moulded. Yes, everything there was like a treat for the eyes. I am sure, no one can say that his products are not beautiful. But, we strongly recommend that you visit there!
Address: Footpath opp Jhansi Ki Rani Statue, Shivranjani Road, Ahmedabad
Time: 10am to 10pm
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