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Before I go into further details let me tell you that, if you’ve ever eaten pizza before, Fozzie's Pizzaiolo will blow your mind (maybe literally).

Started by 24 year old Parth Fozdar, who has worked as a chef at one of the most exquisite fine dine restaurants in Switzerland and a head chef at Silver Sands Holiday Resort, Goa. He hand crafts each pizza that is served in the joint. Getting to watch him work from hand-stretching the dough to sprinkling the cheese on top is worth the (sometimes long) wait.

The parlour which only gives out takeaways as off now is barely 3 weeks old and has been a mad house ever since so, you better give him a head's up an hour prior to the time that you want your pizza. The pizzas aren't baked in conventional ovens; instead, he uses 'ovens' which run on coal resulting in a smokey flavor which is to die for. Vegetarian or non-vegetarian, doesn't make a difference; nailing the taste is something that Parth is a pro at. 

I don't really need to pinpoint as to what pizza you should opt for because the diversity is such that all of them have varying toppings and none of them seem to disappoint. May it be the 'No Mistake' Pizza with fresh bell peppers, green & black olives, sun-dried tomatoes, jalapenos, onions or the 'Mr. Bean' Pizza which is a harmony of Mexican toppings with an Italian classic; A topping of an array of chicken cuts to make the 'Cold Cut' Pizza or the 'Fozzie's Special' or the forever elegant 'Three Cheese' Pizza; not only they taste amazing, top it off with garlic olive oil that he specially makes, you will transcend your palette to an entire different medium.

For the people who eat healthy and can only drool while their companions gorge on pizzas, Parth has come up with a healthy option, 'Tellers'. These pizzas have a wheat base and are topped with cottage cheese, olives, corn, bell peppers, lettuce and a olive oil dressing along-with grilled chicken (if you opt for the non-vegetarian version). In fact all the pizzas can be baked on a wheat base if you inform them when you place your order.

In fact, his baking style, the garlic olive oil or the taste aren't the only things on the distinctive sector; He also serves an Apple Flan and my God, it wasn't just great. I can't really narrow it down to a specific word to describe the moment the ever-so-classic Swiss dessert hit me. It tasted like meeting a long lost friend; It tasted like the first kiss; It tasted like how bad you miss your mom when you are sick and I stopped counting how long the flavor lasted after i got to two full minutes. Need I say more?

Don't think my word is good enough? Well, I guess Roger Federer should help. The tennis ace personally gave him a compliment over the finesse of his meal back in Switzerland. Haaaa! I told you so! Enough with my blabbering, En Guete!

Address: 1st Floor, besides Hyderabadi Biryani, Krishna Commercial Complex, off S.G. Highway, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad.

Opening Hours:
Monday-Tuesday: 6 pm to 11 pm
Wednesday-Sunday: 12 pm to 3 pm, 6:30 pm to 11 pm

Contact: +91-9638136338

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