Style Code - Hanging lights are the best here!

Attributes: Lightings and Fans, Lighting & Lamps

First the beautiful wall light fixtures and now their opulent Hangings; Decor accents at STYLE CODE seem straight outta some Baz Luhrmann cinema and that’s probably the reason we can’t help but rave! Get your hands on these helical beauties from the 2nd Floor of Venus Atlantis at Prahladnagar, to ensure a beautiful conversation starter at your home.
If the prismatic crystals are too loud for your place you can also take a pick from the more rustic looking pieces. Made in materials close home, these fixtures in brass, aluminum and steel remind one of the 20th century industrial aesthetics. There are also a series of more sleeker and chicer pieces to compliment a more contemporary looking home. Whatever it is that you pick, you just simply can’t go wrong with the soft, warm and inviting glow of the filament bulbs suspended dramatically over your dining space or the living room.
Vintage nostalgia or urban minimalism, whatever it is that you wish your home to reflect and radiate, STYLE CODE comes as your go to place. Ahmedabad’s biggest space offering best quality light solutions, find it here. Cheers.
Address: 2nd Floor Venus Atlantis, Prahladnagar, Ahmedabad
Contact: +91-9727522822 | +91-9726037597
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