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Attributes: Lightings and Fans, Outdoor/Gardening, Lighting & Lamps

Is 'Boring' the word that pops up in your head the moment you refer the lighting at your home or office? No need to start breaking your way into a renovation, simply step in STYLE CODE, on the 2nd Floor of Venus Atlantis at Prahladanagar to witness en-lighting beauty that you simply wouldn't be able to keep your eyes off.
Wall lights indeed tend to offer a softer atmosphere for your home for, they are less invasive in terms of space while adding a touch of art to your walls. STYLE CODE offers a wide selection of beautiful lights for your walls in an array of designs, crafted in moulds with a finish giving a pseudo Copper, Brass or even an Iron finish along-with a range of contemporary post modern styles.
With incredible designs laid out that are bound to add a niche sense of style to your space for years to come, you know where to head down to for the same. Cheers.
Address: 2nd Floor Venus Atlantis, Prahaladnagar, Ahmedabad
Contact: +91-9727522822 | +91-9726037597
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