Style Code introduces the best lightings for Kids!

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How do you plan on decking up your kid's room? A shade of virbant colours on the walls? A fancy bed to sleep in, syncing with the colour? Vibrant hues on the curtains? Don't you think that we are missing out on essential thing that you might as well overshadow for, the cliched solution is very obvious? It is time to move on from your regular tubes and get the best that your kid rightly deserves with an Exclusive Range of Lights by STYLE CODE, all at 2nd Floor Venus Atlantis, Prahaladnagar.
What makes a kid's room tough to brighten up is the colour schemes used all around but, that is one of the many fortes that STYLE CODEspecialises in for, their fun ways of lighting ideas over the room breaks away from the cliched mold. The showroom rightly boasts of a seperate section laden with lights in all shapes and sizes with Storybook Characters smiling down from them. Hangings, Wall lights, to even tiny teensy Night Lamps, the one-stop-hub indeed offers a worthy collection to set up your kid's room into a wacky wonderland.
STYLE CODE not only provides the visual appeal for them lights but, also the care as well; The lighs that you will come across are designed with the utmost safety precautions for, there is no use of toxic paint or sharp edges on any of them which might cause any harm to your kid.
What might seem cumbersome on any other day is made thoroughly easy with STYLE CODE and why not; For, your kid is indeed the light of your life - Like the line in a popular children's song, "This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine". Cheers.
Address: 2nd Floor Venus Atlantis, Prahaladnagar, Ahmedabad
Contact: +91-9727522822 | +91-9726037597
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