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Who doesn’t love fashion? But how about we tell you that we discovered one of the most unique fashion option and style for you? Yes you heard us right! Presenting to you, Button masala! A unique concept started by Anuj, an ex NID student, with the concept to present a unique fashion trend for us!

Now imagine clothing that can be easily adjusted and shaped to whatever you prefer it to be and you style one single cloth with variations from over 40,000 different styles which require no sewing but can be styled with the help of buttons and rubber bands only!

What is it about?
Button masala is a simple joinery system that he had developed few years back. The speciality of this technique is that it uses only buttons and rubber bands. It makes the garment making process simpler and more sustainable. It is a system that does not involve any machine or tools and can very easily be taught to anybody.

The most interesting thing about the process is that the garments once made can be opened and restructured or re-sized to fit any one. So no more hassles of throwing out clothes that don’t fit you because it takes around only a few minutes to make one and as there is no cutting required hence there is no wastage.

The technique resolves all the problems that the current system of sewing garments presents and it’s the cheapest method out there! We assure you.

And it is not just limited to clothes but you can use this technique to make funky button accessories, curtains, cushion covers, bags, shoes, furniture, and so much more.

The clothes are perfectly wearable, even after being washed regularly either by hand or machine. This just gets better and better!

The best part being Anuj wants everyone to know about his technique and use it in their own ways. He has taught about 5,000 people in the country and abroad so far. According to him, people do not, and should not, need complicated tools and machines to make beautiful garments and fashion accessories.

He has showcased this design at the Lakme fashion week as well and there is no particular place that you can buy these from but you can always visit his Facebook page and look out for his workshops organised to just teach anyone and everyone of adding some button masala to their own mundane life!

So for every fashionista in town, let’s change the clichéd fashion trend, and become unique with apparels offered right here at Button Masala!

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