Styleconic - Exhibition of designer western wear- accessories and footwear

The fashion Friday has arrived and CityShor brings you the best of the fashion option for all you beautiful ladies out there.

STYLECONIC, showcases their new range of designer and classy western outfits on 24th, 25th and 26th January 2014 at Showtime gallery, ground floor, Acropolis Mall.

Unless you a Cinderella, you don’t need to be at Styleconic, but then if you not trust us this one exhibition  is the closest that you will feel of the Cinderella experience. Fashion is no rocket science but it surely is more than common sense. It’s an extension of what you are. It is that one important factor that can either elevate our personality or kill it that very instance. So why take chances?

Let it be that evening dinner at a fine-dine or that party at one of the best clubs. You have to dress for the occasion. Trust us, if you don’t you will surely be a topic of discussion and for all the wrong reasons and nobody wants to be a fashion disaster.

In pursuit of presenting the best of designer garments, CityShor presents you with the label Styleconic by Meera Madlani. The options by Styleconic are that unique and perfect blend of sensibility of design and comfort of the fabrics. Each and every fashion garment that will be showcased here at the exhibition appeals not only to the fashion conscious you but it creates that sense of confidence and style once you try them on.

What more, each of this amazing designer garments are available for less than Rs.999.

Be it that perfect evening wear or that party gown, club them along with a pair of styled stilettos and that amazing neck piece to complete your look. Styleconic, is that one stop destination for all your fashion needs.

So don’t kill that fashion urge, instead splurge into the most awaited fashion exhibition for this month. Visit Styleconic and be a fashion icon.

After all as they say “I would pardon a theft, but a Fashion disaster is a cardinal sin”

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