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SHARE THE POST AND GET A WHITE LINEN SHIRT from HELG for 499 instead of 1229.

Also you can avail a 50% discount on ALL the shirts at Helg.

When it comes to fashion, we guys take the hit. I mean look at it, girls have all the options : from skirts to kurtis to tops to shorts to saaris to.... Never mind the list is heugeee! but when it comes to guys!? Arrrgghh! We are left with limited options and we are supposed to experiment within them only. And may be that's the reason we have to be more conscious of the 'design' and not 'type' of shirts. Most of the guys would agree we can live with limited trousers but we need a number shirts or T Shirts. 

So well, here is a collection from Helg that should make sense to each of us. Really neat and really cost effective. I mean how many out there would serve you with quality with design at the budget cost that Helg offers?

Among other 'normal' things, Linen Shirts are the new IN thing - Wear it! Gift it! Flaunt it! Or pull it on top of your favourite Jeans; I personally love to wear it over a pair of shorts! The white 'hot looks' stops the world in it's breath and the colour bursts out with ease!

Worth a Dekho!!

Don't forget to SHARE. Happy to HELG all for 499. Cheers. 

Address: 1st floor, Opp.Calcutta motors, Nr.Pantaloons, Mithakhali, Ahmedabad

Contact:  +91-079-40050555, +91-079-26460756

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