Sub Zero temperatures and a snow leopard - Frozen River Trek

This Chadar trek is considered as one of the most exciting and unique treks – a very special and on extraordinary trek on shiny ice on the bank of Tsarap river. Ladhak invites you to a experience of a Lifetime!!!

What’s This:

Yet another adventure option from Ladhak.

Ladhak can be a difficult place to travel. The mountains are steep and in the winter snowfall closes many of the mountain passes and makes the few roads treacherous. Some villages become completely inaccessible between November and march. One method of accessing snow bound villages during the winter is trekking on top of the ice of frozen rivers.

The chadar treak is one such route, connecting villages in the zanskar valley. This trek is considered as one of the most exciting and unique treks – a very special and on extraordinary treck on shiny ice on the bank of Tsarap river.

You will be dropped by a vehicle at Chillling Sumdo (crossed road) then your trek leads in a narrow valley filled with breath taking views of ice-peaks and unexpected hanging icicles that will attract your gaze for some time. You will spend the night at cave camps with the help of a born fire that will keep you warm and relaxed.

Chadar is a perfect example of resourcefulness of ladhakhis and their indomitable spriti, in the face of such daunting odds.

Large sections of the river Zanskar, which is one of the mightiest rivers in ladakh, freeze over in the dead of winter and are covered by a think blanket of ice. The landscape aqquires a pristine grandeur in winter as the trail enters into the gorge of Zanskar, where temperatures sometimes drop to -30 degree Celsius.

What to do:

Witness the sunrise from the Shanti Stupa, from where you can get a panoramic view of the entire town of leh and its surroundings. You can also see the peak of stok Kangri almost beckoning you to climb it. Walk through the deep ravines of the Zanskar. The sublime walls of the mountains on either sides of the river keep the sunlight away from the Chadar for most part of the day

Tibb is another place to visit. This cave is the dwelling of all the porters and they welcome you warm-heartedly in here. The highlight of the visit is to share a cup of butter-tea with them.

Go up to Gyalpo. The high walls of mountains rising from the sides of the river almost look like castle walls. You can see several trails of pug-marks all along the trek- footprints belonging to foxes, ibex or snow-leopards. You would be lucky to view a snow-leopard, but you can almost be sure that you are being watched by one all the time!!!

How to reach:

Jet airways, Air India and Go Air provide daily flight service between New Delhi and Leh.

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