Sugar Factory Design Studio Ahmedabad

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Save your memories, decorate your desks; create a nice album or a frame. What? Are we posting about so many stores together? Well, here comes an interesting fact. All these things are possible just from one place.
The Sugar Factory Design Studio by Saloni Parekh is a place where you can get amazing stuff. She uses her awesome ideas for you all and creates the products such as the desk Organizer, The Photo Album, The Memory Frame, The Custom Packaging, The Memory Stand, and much more. The important thing is that the products are made in a different and creative way like The Bread Box (Coaster), Butter (Notepad) and Knife (Pencil). So get this kind of stuff from Sugar Factory Design Studio and change your boring desk to a more colorful & lively desk.

Do you wish to organize a party? But, are not able to get any decent decoration? Saloni can help you with the decoration for your parties in never seen before way. Tell her the theme and she will organize a superb party for you, your family and friends.

So don’t wait and get colorful decors for your house, office or for your Birthday party.

Contact – 9879781811

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