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I went to the counter. As, there is self-service (which I’m perfectly okay with) and I couldn’t find a menu. I asked the person on the other side- “Menu……malse?” He pointed towards the Blackboard which had “TODAY’s MENU” written over it. “Oh. Okay!” - Here was my first surprise.
Naturally, my instinct kicked in- “Ek Chaah!”
“Sorry Sir, Have chai no time pati gayo. Have nahi mali shake.” - said the person.
I looked at the time on my phone, it was 6:23 PM “Oh, to Shhu malshe?”
If you have (by now) not yet figured out that this is no routine run-of-the-mill place in town, allow me to explain.
But first, take a breather. Unwind. Stop the Maniac-al scrolling. Let this be a leisurely laid-back read on a hot sunday afternoon. And not a 30 seconds’ dose of cheap thrill.
Before I introduce this place to you, let me tell you- “Why is it named- Kamla cafe?” (kaik ajeeb nathi sound kartu?)
As you may have rightly guessed, it is based on a certain- Kamlaben. The difference here, however, is that ‘Kamla Cafe by SEWA’ is Dr. Kamla Chaudhary’s gift to us Amdavadis - an abode of clean air and green environment, which are both in short supply in Ahmedabad.
Now, who is Dr. Kamla Chaudharya and what is SEWA?
She is the founding mother of IIM-A - an institute that we all take a lot of pride in. Not only IIM-A but she is the one behind (alongside- Dr. Vikram Sarabhai) Ahmedabad Textile Industry Research Association (ATIRA), Physical Research Laboratory & many other countless initiatives in our city.
And, SEWA a.k.a. Self Employed Women’s Association - was (is) Dr. Kamla’s Affection.
Coming back to Kamla- the cafe, it is important for you to understand what this place isn’t before you flood in with your expectations of going to a cafe and say- “A.C. karo ne A.C.”
There is no A.C. here. No table service either. No menu. No eye-catching ambience. No smoke coming out of the dishes.
It’s a simple place, with cotton tablecloths spread over wooden tables, fixed amount of dishes being served with a separate menu for breakfast, lunch, evening snacks & dinner, simple brass crockery, a small bamboo shade (dining area) on one side with a veranda & garden with different plants & crops in the middle.
Yep. It’s that simple.
And, this same ideology is reflected in the food served here too.
Everything that you see on the menu is made using marginalised crops on which human civilisation has sustained over ages- Bajri, Jowar & Jav. (almost everything)
And, these crops (and other food items) are procured directly from Women Farmers and agriculture workers with a priority to nutritional value over variety & appearance.
“Clean air, green shade, and nutritious food should be affordable to all” - They say. And, that is how the food is priced.
You can also buy their freshly grown veggies, by joining their WhatsApp Group. And, in a small counter besides, they’re also offering confectionaries, desi nasto & more
Go to this place. But alone.
That’s the best way to experience this place- without ruining it’s sanctity.
TOO MUCH OF GYAN? I have more to share, but I know you’re aren’t ready to take it.
Relax. And, reflect over everything that you just read. While I move on. And, devour an Ice Gola here.
Address- Kamla cafe, Plot 445-446, Opposite CEE - Nehru Foundation, Bodakdev
Time- 7:30 AM to 10:00 PM
Article by - Karan Thakkar
Thanking Dr. Kamla on behalf of CityShor, #FromTheWritersDesk
This is our attempt to take a detour from the short-lived scrollings, back to the simple joy of reading.
Loved it? Let us know in the comments, whether we should continue with this or not.
- #SundayReadsOnCityShor - Every Sunday 11 AM
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