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Bespoke or customized jewelry-what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear these words? Utterly, undeservingly expensive! We mean, isn’t tailor-made jewelry a fetish reserved only for the ultra-rich?

Well, Sweta’s designs dispelled all such doubts. Semi-precious stones, sterling silver, gold plating and her pieces start from Rs. 1000/- only!

An alumna of NIFT, Amrapali Jewels, Farah Khan jewelry (some credentials!) her designs are very contemporary, very today!

Her cocktail (chunky) rings steal the show hands down! (Pun intended J ) and no two pieces are exactly the same so you’ll never run into someone wearing the same jewelry!

Our favorite – the pink agate neck piece. Like most of her pieces, it’s so versatile; you can wear it almost anywhere. Over a sundress, a playsuit, an evening gown, sari or even to work! (With a button down shirt-you may need to cover the lower layer if you find it too dressy for work!). Carry it in your bag if you have to switch between two dos and have no time to change. The beautiful pink will brighten your outfit in no time!

P.S. She also does custom made fine jewelry. You can contact her.

Stay Gorgeous

Contact Sweta at +91 9727388555

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