Swoon over Soulful Renditions at the Sufi Festival tomorrow!

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The winter evenings filled with mystic air and the tunes of Sufi music caressing your soul…that’s all you need; to take yourself a step closer to the divine. The rich heritage that has been standing tall for centuries to come, becomes the perfect backdrop for a magical evening. The Craft of Art Company brings you a Sufi evening organized amidst the enchanting Khan Masjid of Dholka on 19th November.


Built in the 11th century, the architecture of this mosque resembles an impregnable fort. The Sufi festival is a genre of music which focuses on devotion to God. Sufism is said to be the path or the tool which a wanderer chooses, to get in harmony with the Almighty. It dissolves the physical realm thus paving a way for spirituality. Thus, the perfect venue for a perfect evening.


The gems of words of the Sufi poets embellish the Sufi music. And this is where you will find ‘Sukoon’ (internal peace). This event ensures to provide a pleasant and one of its kind experience to the listeners. When the notes of Sufi music will touch the pillars of history, the ambiance will demand your unblinking attention and leave you yearning for more.


Join in the musical saga! Let the beautiful poetries dancing to the tunes of the Tabla, Violin, Drums and the Keyboards; take you on a soulful journey.


As Rumi; the celebrated Sufi poet quoted “Where there is ruin, there is a hope for treasure!” You might just find your eternal peace, your treasure in the Sufi evening.


Date : Sunday, 19th November

Time: 06:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Venue: Khan Masjid, Dholka

Event Details : https://goo.gl/qtz5N6

Company website : http://www.crraft-of-art.com/

Written by: Vaishnavi SJ

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