T3 Cafe

Cuisines: Mexican, Italian, Continental

Filters: Vegetarian Only

Restaurants are the new craze in town. There is one opening every other day!! Who’s complaining? The More the merrier.  But then are they worth their name?

A Sunday lunch or a family dinner, we end up with a couple of options. Land up there and we have to literally scream our lungs out just to talk to the person sitting besides us. Not to mention the instance when we have to repeat on the order just because the captain couldn’t hear you. Places are just so crowded and couple it with the NOISE of the city; we end up the evening stating “it would have been better, if we ordered for a home delivery.”

Team CityShor visited “T3” aka: “Talk of the Town”. This restaurant is located within the city and yet offers you a serene set up to enjoy lip smacking cuisine.  Amidst a natural landscape and a beautiful lavish green lawn, every moment spent here is bliss. For once, someone actually did manage to offer to its customers a wholesome experience.  T3 gives you a soothing effect from the moment you enter the restaurant. Let the trees whisper to you and the birds sing to you while you indulge in a peaceful conversation with your loved ones. At T3, even a whisper would echo!!!

Their menu is exhaustive and honestly we found their food worth a mention. We tried a few of their dishes.

Kurkees (Potatoes, Vegetables, cheese & Soya Keema)

Burgandy platter (Mashed panner, Vegetables coated with cheese and served with spaghetti) is sure to give you hard time sharing it with someone else. You wouldn’t want to share even a morsel

Hungarian peprikan rice platter (Parsil, English vegetables, parmesan and cheddar cheese, peprikan sauce served with rice)

Not to forget Pasta Mista (Arrabitta, alfredo and basilias)

End the evening with their specialty, waffles with chocolate syrup.

T3 provides you with all that you have to expect from a restaurant. Next time you want to plan for a gathering of friends or family, visit T3.  Move beyond the traditional options of chaotic restaurants and indulge into the T3 Experience.

Address: Cafe T3 behind karnavati Club S.G.Highway Ahmedabad.

Time: 5pm to 11pm

Contact :- +91 9909976484

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