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100% Natural Cold Pressed Juices with no Preservatives, Colours, Sugar, Fortified Chemicals that are 40% more nutritious. CAN THERE BE A BETTER START TO YOUR DAY, OTHER THAN THIS? Switch to the Satvaras way of Living!


Moreover, you can also get them delivered to your home! All that you need to do, is book your order for entire right away from their App!


Satvaras is here with four varieties of Juices, each unique with their ingredients and each one aimed at a more specific health boost! All of them, absolutely natural, full of nutrients and with ease of convenience! Here is a glimpse:


Heart:  A blend of apple, beet-root, pear, cucumber, mint, Ginger and lemon. The right option for those who want a more healthier heart!

Energy: Pomegranate, guava and grape , the blend gives you that extra zing!

Power: Orange, Spinach, Cucumber, lemon, grapes and cinnamon! Go get your Power today!

Balance: Pineapple, Wheatgrass that is a superfood, Apple, and Kiwi!


The juices at Satvaras, are extracted by hydraulic press. Unlike the conventional grinders / juicers, hydraulic press extracts nectar directly from the pulp, allowing you to enjoy the most concentrated amount of vita nutrients and enzymes.


What's best is that they deliver these juices to your doorstep every morning in their oh so adorable mailbox. Convenient, isn’t it?


So it’s time for you and your family to take a detour from the hassles of Artificial flavours, unhygienic juices or more! Take a step towards healthier lifestyle!


Cheers to Health, Cheers to Life!


Either DOWNLOAD THEIR APP on google play store or apple app store or call them at : 1800-233-2336

OR Whatsapp them on: 9408563914

Website: www.satvaras.com

Download their App here: http://satvaras.com/#download

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