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With the age of smartphones, everything can be done from the palm of your hand. Be it the best of the garments, precious baubles, scrumptious delicacies, or even the freshest of groceries. Among the current trends of fashion, the food and grocery industry is pacing up as well. If you run a restaurant or have a grocery store, it is time to match up with the boom!
Ohoshop is an easy platform to turn your business digital, be it a restaurant or a grocery centre, Ohoshop helps everyone to go digital. To inquire, call: 079-66630252 or go onto www.ohoshop.in

While India has over 55,000 restaurants; Ahmedabad itself boasts of over 2500 restaurants. It is time to your mark in the ever-so-competitive market by going Mobile for, it offers hoards of amenities to both - customers and the business.
With the heat taking it's toll and the rains right over our shoulders, a delivery from one's favourite restaurant is what everybody will be looking for. Are you set?

Talking about their forte when it comes applications for a grocery store; it is commendable to say the least. Why should you opt for it, you ask? Well, the rise of demand for convenience shopping is at it's pinnacle, making it the right time to tap into the market. Even if you run a small mom and pop store, reaching out to your customers have never been more easy.

With the help of www.ohoshop.in, you can:
-Go mobile instantly
-Allow customers to see your catalogue
-Configure your delivery area
-Take payment by all means - Credit Card, COD, Debit Card or Net Banking
-Ship with your team or with integrated ship providers
-Net order notification and manage deliver on the go
-Send push notification or SMS for offers and discounts
making the entire process thoroughly easy. In fact, you can also opt for a 2 week FREE Trial Run to experience the same.

Help your patrons - Click | Order | Eat | Repeat with the help of an extremely user friendly application only with www.ohoshop.in

Contact: 079-66630252

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