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Rs. 10/- off on classic/ premium cups
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Rs. 50/- off on large family pack
Offer valid till 31st December only!

As the jingle bell rings, and the Christmas trees lit, the winter time this year has been snug and festive for most of us in Ahmedabad. The drop in temperature has permitted us to get out of our house and try out different food outlets in the city. Just to add on to your “list of places to visit” we have spotted the perfect-place-to-be.

CREAMY LOUNGE, situated opposite Vastrapur Lake, the most cheerful and lively area of the city in the evening. They specialize in serving homemade artisan Gelatos and natural ice- creams. With their competitive prices, the quality and flavour of the Gelato, we reckon this place needs to be added to your list, ASAP!

The owner, Mr. Pimil Sankhesara, a food technologist himself chooses and produces the Gelato’s and ice-creams in his shop, along with that, they also serve Gelato shakes. Having said that, they have created more than 25 varieties of flavours, which are kept on rotation; displaying 12 flavours at a time.

Their flavours range from:
Swiss Chocolate
Chocolaty coconut
Apple pie
Oreo cookie
Mint Chocochips
Pan and many more!

They serve happiness (gelato) in cups and in freshly made waffle cones, so you can choose your felony! They have recently also started selling the “family pack” of gelatos of your choice, because sharing is caring, isn’t it? Our indulgence at CREAMY LOUNGE started with:

RASPBERRY RIPPLE (CUP): If you’re anything like me, this will be something that you will pick just by looking at its soft pink colour and slightly darker pink ripple.  And let’s not just judge the book by its cover? The taste is even better!

PAN (CUP): This one is a must try for all the pan lovers out there! As soon as you bite in, the flavour of pan will burst in your mouth, and slowly fade away into sheer, creamy, gelato.

APPLE PIE (CUP): A Christmas time favourite! This one has fresh apples in it, and tastes very much like an apple pie. It’s just much better because it’s in a form of a Gelato.

BUTTERSCOTCH CRUNCH (CONE): Butterscotch and Waffle cone is a pair made in heaven, CREAMY LOUNGE does justice to it, by understanding the flavour and generously adding those charming little butterscotch chips.

OREO COOKIES (CONE): For millions of Oreo fans, we have a cheeky little surprise for you! This is the best form of Oreo that I have tasted so far!  And there really wasn’t any bite of that Gelato which didn’t consist of an Oreo cookie chunk.

HAZELNUT SHAKE: These are one those things that you can never go wrong with, the thick and velvety shake is just a creamier, shake version of their hazelnut Gelato! (This is for the times when you’re too lazy to chew)

In all, this place was a total gelato game changer! So, get your merry spirit on and head straight to CREAMY LOUNGE, because winter got nothing on our love for Gelatos and ice-creams, has it?

Address: A-6, Ground Floor, Himalaya Arcade, Opposite Vastrapur Lake, Vastrapur
Contact: +91-9429096838

Author Credit: Shikha Patel


Tags: Take your taste buds on a delicious ride @ CREAMY LOUNGE!

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