Tarak Heritage Bungalow

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Monsoon time and travelling! This always goes equal. What do you see when you are travelling in this beautiful weather? Lovely rain drops, wet roads and smell of the soil, hot tea/food, music and last but not the least a best place to stay and enjoy the weather.

Well, we have travelled long and found a perfect destination for you. This place is called Mount Abu. Yes yes, we know that it’s the most known and common place for all of Ahmedabad. But, we are talking about experiencing a different stay at Abu. How? Well, the answer is “Tarak Heritage Bungalow.”

Tarak Heritage is Mr. Umang Hutheesing’s bungalow. So it’s not a “HOTEL” but bungalow where you can have an imperial stay. He has tastefully done up the interiors of this charming bungalow with intricately carved traditional wooden doors, beautiful antique furniture, artwork worthy of museums adorning all the walls, plush tapestry, beautiful rugs and luxurious spaces worthy of royalty

Yes, we visited there last weekend and it is just so “ROYAL.” The bungalow has 3 double bed rooms and one room with 6 beds. And as we said, it’s not a hotel so whenever you go with your friends and family, only you stay in that bungalow and no one else. Maybe that could be worded as “whenever you go with your family and friends, the bungalow belongs exclusively to you, you do not share the property with other guests” It doesn’t have security guards but two security dogs. Shocked!! Don’t worry they won’t kill you.

Once you enter, you will see a beautiful huge room to sit, relax and chit chat. Two steps below on the right hand side, you will see two double bedrooms with an awesome view on the first floor there are two bedrooms. One with double beds and the other with 6 beds.

On the ground floor, there is an open area with small table and chairs and with two gardens to have coffee, tea etc. “Oh my gosh” was the reaction when we saw the view of this area in early morning. A beautiful green valley and birds chirping everywhere. Heaven, right? If you are lucky then you will also get a chance to feel awesome rain drops and the foggy atmosphere.

So now, go for a looooong drive to Abu and stay at this beautiful “Tarak Bunglow.” The rates are 18000/- per night. Get 10% DISCOUNT if you tell them you are through Cityshor.

Details: Accommodation is maximum for 12 guests and the booking will be for entire bungalow. Single room would not be provided. The food is not included.

Venue Address:
“Tarak Heritage Bungalow”,
Opp. Gujarat Circuit House,
Pilgrim Road.
Mount Abu, Rajasthan.

For Booking call: +91 9722525566/ 079 2217 2922

Or Email us on hutheesing.group@yahoo.com

Booking Address:
Hutheesing Haveli,
Jesingbhai ni Vadi, Next to laxmi-vishnu Market,
Gheekanta Road, Ahmedabad-01

Edited By: Isha Talsania Patel

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