Tastiest Profiteroles to Éclairs by Ria Thakore!

Cuisines: Bakery, Chocolates

Attributes: Desserts, Home made

Hello, all the people who have a sweet tooth! You are going to be spoilt for choices by Ria Thakore. Treat yourself to her Chocolates, Tarts, Moose, Cakes and special preparations like Profiteroles and Chocolate Éclair from her wide range of offerings in with egg and eggless options. And how about exploring the health aspect while you surrender to your desserts binge? Cakes made with olive oil and juices based syrups thus omitting the excess sugar.  Order for yourself or gift them to your loved ones, the flavours will conquer all.


Ria Thakore, a young’un from Ahmedabad has weaved her passion for baking into our delight! She bakes not only to feed the sweet tooths but also takes care of the health element. Her ingredients and ideas are the hero of her products.


To begin with, Tarts and Moose cups are her preparations that you simply cannot miss. The silkiness and the right amount of tanginess of the lemon custard in the tarts and the richness of the chocolate have made them hot favourites of all. And the little Nutella moose cups wouldn’t let you stop at one serving. These are individually portioned and just the right sizes to soothe your dessert cravings without making you feel guilty.


Ria highly believes in utilising fresh ingredients for her baking which gives her desserts, an edge with concern to the flavour. It’s beautiful to see how she incorporates fresh fruits, homemade jams and fresh cream over buttercream icing.


Experience the freshness of ingredients in her special Semolina cake which gets its delightful orange flavour from the orange juice based syrup it is dipped in. And the amazing thing is no ‘maida’ is used for this cake. It is made with only semolina flour and olive oil. The twin star is her Lemon almond cake. Pair them with flavored fresh cream and fruits and they are sure to be a hit at the parties.


And the finale is her Chocolate Éclair. There are very few places in Ahmedabad where your thirst for good chocolate is satiable. This éclair will leave you appreciating the bountiful chocolate and its richness.


The list is long and each dessert has a list of flavors. Tempting huh!!! Contact her and she will understand your likes and dislikes and accordingly suggest flavor combinations for the desserts and delicious flavored chocolates. Now that is some customization.


Enquire for her blast of flavours and she will be glad to address your sweet cravings.


Contact: +91 96389 93767

Instagram : ria94

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