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1. Freezeland
During the 1980s, Rolesh (Rolljibhai) started a shop with small-sized sandwiches for those studying at the colleges of law, commerce and arts nearby. Since then, his shop has been replaced by Freezeland with a casual café-type open-sided place on the ground floor and an AC New Freezeland one flight up. Their sandwiches remain the top draw, ranging from westernized to spicy Indian sandwiches, club sandwiches, grilled sandwiches and even focaccia. Wash it all down with their coffees or a selection from the many cool drinks here.

2. Sandwichworkz
Sandwichworkz is a standalone café that has become known for its breakfasts and fusion food. Keeping it simple with the deocr with clean, low-on-frills interiors, they led their substantial and tasty food do the talking.

Sandwichworkz has deservedly become a popular place for breakfast especially as there are not many standalone places for a western breakfast in Ahmedabad. They make excellent waffles which are brown and quite crisp but soft and fluffy when you bite into it. You can have it the traditional way with maple syrup and butter or ask for their Savoury Waffles Breakfast which comes with eggs, hash brown, cheese and either salami or sautéed mushrooms, and juice, tea or coffee. If you prefer their pancakes, their Big Daddy’s Breakfast includes three pancakes, three eggs scrambled, mashed potatoes and either four grilled sausages or a bowl of baked beans, also with tea, coffee or juice. They also have Hungry Man’s Breakfast which has toast-butter instead of pancakes. These breakfasts are available all day.

For those who like an Indian breakfast the Paratha stuffed with potatoes, paneer, onion or cheese chilly (they even have Barfi Paratha if you have a sweet tooth!) is also good. Egg lovers could try their version of the Shakshouka, a dish believed to be Tunisan in origin and very popular in Israel, containing eggs poached in a sauce of tomatos, onions and spices. They also do pretty good Spanish style three-egg omelets folded around a choice of fillings like paneer, chicken, ham, mushroom, etc.

3. Turquoise Villa
Taking a single step into TURQUOISE VILLA, you could possibly make your blood pressure drop by a few counts, that's how relaxing it is. You can get the experience of a real cafe in Ahmedabad wherein it exudes an undeniably cool vibe without being intimidating; while their offerings are bound to satiate your palette with ease.

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(Courtesy: Mr. Anil Mulchandani)

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