The BEST Buffets in Ahmedabad

The BEST Buffets in Ahmedabad

Barbeque Nation: Whether you want to celebrate an occasion with your friends, colleagues or loved ones Barbeque Nation is just the place. The ambience is hip and lively, the food is scrumptious and the service zippy. It has class, and a style you and your friends can call your own.

Cellad Eatery: Food is their passion and your desire. With various cuisines and dishes spread out in an interesting layout that are extremely healthy in nature, make the place a worthy 2nd.

Patang Hotel: Placed in just about the centre of Ahmedabad, we need not say much about the most famous revolving restaurant.

The stated list is as per the thousands of votes came in over a period of time. CityShor People's Choice Awards merely provided a platform wherein you could vote & also add your choices to it. The winners (click: to check them out) spanned over the obvious to the ones which were a surprise to us as well but, Ahmedabad Voted & Ahmedabad Decided. CONGRATULATIONS to all the Winners and THANK YOU so much for your support. Cheers.

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