The BEST Restaurant serving SIZZLERS in Ahmedabad

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The BEST Restaurant serving SIZZLERS in Ahmedabad

Cafe Upper Crust: Sizzlers at Cafe Upper Crust - The most happening place then, now and probably forever! Isn't it enough? Is there a need for us to make you believe that it is indeed the best in town? Don’t we all know that? 

Yanki Sizzlers: Yanki Sizzlers is a rustic hideaway where good food, laughter, and conversation blend together in a delightful living experience with a lingering aroma of fresh food and the exhilarating giggle fuse there to create an unforgettable mosaic.

Ikobo Sizzlers: Placed on the ever-so-busy Drive-in road, Ikobo makes for a more than adequate hub for sizzlers with their array spread over vegetarian, chicken, mutton & seafood as well.

The stated list is as per the thousands of votes came in over a period of time. CityShor People's Choice Awards merely provided a platform wherein you could vote & also add your choices to it. The winners (click: to check them out) spanned over the obvious to the ones which were a surprise to us as well but, Ahmedabad Voted & Ahmedabad Decided. CONGRATULATIONS to all the Winners and THANK YOU so much for your support. Cheers.

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