Cuisines: Mediterranean

Filters: Non Veg, Outdoor seating, Dine-in

Attributes: Restaurants, Street Food, Family, Lively


1. Souq Bistro & Grill
Our personal favourite with a unanimous decision- the simple yet completely unique- Lamb Shawarma Platter. This dish, however 'easy' it may look to recreate, is a masterpiece that Souq has perfected. You can keet babbling on and on about how well-cooked the lamb was, sweet, soft, and perfectly tender. It's hard to find nicely cooked lamb in Ahmedabad, let alone Mediterranean lamb.

2. Nini's Kitchen 
Juices, music, art, books, conversations, smoothies, shakes, pizzas, sandwiches, rollas and loads of laughter, goodness, joy and of course their lovely shawarmas! 'nuff said!

3. Magic Chicken
Specializes in Arabian fare, the eatery tempts all the non-vegetarians of the city to make their way to gorge on their delicious Shawarma Rolls that is recommended by everyone. Placed in Sarkhej near major highways, this simple stand-and-eat and take-away offers quite a wonderful Shavai and Alfaam as well.

The stated list is as per the thousands of votes came in over a period of time. CityShor People's Choice Awards merely provided a platform wherein you could vote & also add your choices to it. The winners (click: to check them out) spanned over the obvious to the ones which were a surprise to us as well but, Ahmedabad Voted & Ahmedabad Decided. CONGRATULATIONS to all the Winners and THANK YOU so much for your support. Cheers.

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