The BEST South Indian Restaurants in Ahmedabad

Cuisines: South Indian

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The BEST South Indian Restaurants in Ahmedabad

1. Bombay Street Cafe
Food is not the only thing that sets the restaurant on top but, in fact the ambiance as well. The painting depicts Nariman Point and other famous  areas of Bombay; the table is topped with station names; the glasses are typical bambaiya; AND hey, there is also a rickshaw (yes, right!) with enough space for 3-4 people to sit & enjoy their snacks.

2. Sankalp
Sankalp Restaurants represent a style and cuisine that is nonpareil, promising a great dining experience. An ever increasing innovative menu, food festivals and a wide range of quality products - no wonder why Sankalp has gained popularity and is very much in demand.

3. Dakshinayan 
As the name suggests, Dakshinayan is all about food from the Southern States of India. The menu is a decent mix of all popular southern dishes like idli, vade, rasam, dosa, appams, uttapams, traditional thali, puri-kurma, filter coffee etc. Even though the menu is compact, the taste of the food here is power packed. Once your order arrives, you would be tempted to just dive into the scrumptious food.

The stated list is as per the thousands of votes came in over a period of time. CityShor People's Choice Awards merely provided a platform wherein you could vote & also add your choices to it. The winners (click: to check them out) spanned over the obvious to the ones which were a surprise to us as well but, Ahmedabad Voted & Ahmedabad Decided. CONGRATULATIONS to all the Winners and THANK YOU so much for your support. Cheers.

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