The best street side Chole Kulcha!

Attributes: Street Food

Roadside Kulcha Cholle like no other!

Apart from a Punjabi household; Where do you think you can get the BEST KULCHA CHOLLE? Definitely not any of the restaurants that might pop up in your head at the first go. To dig into the ditto Authentic Punjabi Taste, you need to make your way down to the Gujarat University Lane where you will come across a set up of a laari every day from 12-6 pm.

Students in the vicinity are extremely familiar to his delectables for, he used to set up just besides L.D. Engineering College, before moving further in. A wait is mandatory but, even if you get agonised by the lusty smell for half an hour, the wait is worth it for; 2 Kulchas and plate of piping hot Cholle! You wouldn't bother complimenting the food cause bite after bite, you would simply crave for some more!

What sets him apart is his Cholle. They are the typical Sardaron Vaale Cholle that is minus of the unnecessary spices! What has kept you waiting? Stop drooling and rush to get your mouths to plates full of savouries. Cheers!

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