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Same old Pizzas; Same old toppings; Same old servings in Small/Medium/Large; Bored of the same old?
How fascinating would it be if you could BUILD YOUR OWN PIZZA! Well, that is exactly what BLUE OVEN offers at 7, Amrapali Lake View, opp Alpha One Mall.

Fret not, It is as simple as the A-B-C-D! Choose from their;-
-Base Sauces in Red | White | Green (Pesto)
-23 of the freshest Toppings.
-Top it off with any of their 6 variants of Cheese.
-Season it with whatever fits your buds.

Like I little kid presented with hoards of goodies to choose from, I got to it immediately and 'made' my own pizza with a base of a Creamy White Sauce with a Cheese Blend, topped with Chicken Angara - Golden Corn - Mixed Peppers!
VOILA! Off it goes in their 'Blue Oven' & comes out bubbling, browned to crisp cheese with orgasmic flavours; I finally figured, this what being blessed feels like. 

There are plenty of preparations to pamper your taste buds with and I chose the one that was a classic! If taste buds had a memory the flavours of the 1889 PIZZA with Red Sauce, Mozzarella, Fresh Basil, Sprinkled Parmesan and EVOO would have lingered on and on. The zestiness of the tomato sauce insanely uplifts the herbs that go into it. An extremely humble offering but, the pizza goes with classic Italian logic that 'even with minimum number of ingredients and maintaining the respect for how they are supposed to taste, you can coin the yummiest of food'.

You’ll love the place even more when I tell you that you can have two ENTIRELY DIFFERENT COMBINATIONS in One Pizza! So, while half your pizza has their ANGRY RED SAUCE is loaded with Green & Red Jalapenos and Piri Piri Chilli, the other has a GREEN PESTO SAUCE rightly boasts of Mushrooms, Black Olives and Cherry Tomatoes.

More on their delightful offerings is their take on a TEAR & SHARE GARLIC BREAD that is whole foil baked wheat loaf (with the option of Multi-grain) with dried herbs, loaded with butter; Each pull here, each push there will lead to a visual delight to the eyes and a delight to the tummy. This one is a must try for all! vegetarians.

If this wasn't enough to get you going then I'll give you 3 reasons why their Pizza hits the mark;
-The dough is always fresh and the crust is thin.
-Their special sauces are made everyday.
-Toppings are ample and fresh to the core, if they are not in season, you won’t find them on your pizza.

As satiating as it can get, it is time that you down head to THE BLUE OVEN for a lovely evening, for their wondrous take on your Italian favourite in extremely unusual flavours and combos, in an ambiance which is 'suave' to say the least. Cheers.

(P.S. Don't miss out on their CARAMEL BROWNIE)

Address: 7, Amrapali Lake View, opp Alpha One Mall, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad.

Contact: +91-8140673569

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