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Don't you think that the very word has the super power of making everything better? Even Mondays! Who cares what the question or the problem might be, as long as you have Chocolate to the rescue and presenting the said Heroes in a hatke avatar of CHOCO SWEETS, we have "THE CHOCOLATE STUDIO - Innovative Sweets" in our town at 1-Devangpark, near Polytechnic, Ambawadi.

What makes their Choco Sweets truly 'hatke' is the unique merger of your classic Sweets with Chocolate. More so, this is one such place where, all the natural flavours are extracted from fruits, to make those glorious pieces of heaven without any artificial flavours cause hey! Who doesn’t love natural products right? From our skincare to makeup and to even clothes that are made from natural products these days; So, why should chocolate fall behind? 

So what do they showcase? From the classic CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES, ALMOND - CASHEW - COCONUT CHOCOLATES to the relatively niche flavours of CRANBERRY, KIWI and STRAWBERRY, we promise that each and every one of their customized chocolates are worth trying, hitting your taste buds at just the right spots. 

Sounds tempting? Well, it surely is! With the festivities coming up ahead; High time you got your hands on those little devils without the tiniest bit of guilt!
Did someone say that December is here already?

Address: THE CHOCOLATE STUDIO, 1-Devangpark, near Polytechnic, Dr. V. S. Road, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad

Contact: +91-9924124033

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