The Country Retreat Farmstay, Ranakpur: Meant for all!

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Regale in an experience like no other, and make your way down to The COUNTRY RETREAT FARMSTAY, Ranakpur! Placed in Pali district of Rajasthan, the farm-stay experience is the ideal break from the hustle-bustle of our otherwise chaotic life.
To inquire, call: +91-7742919278

While we have always ranted about our previous experience, we made our way down to Ranakpur yet again, with the smiling proprietor - Krishnapal Singh Champawat welcoming us with open arms, at 5 in the morning.
Ensuring that we don't partake in the same activities, all over again; We got to experience something new altogether.

Sharing our experience; After a quick nap, we started our first day, with their scrumptious Breakfast spread offering us a range of Fresh Fruits, Poha, the Eggs of your choice, and who knew - Crepes, topped with Chocolate Sauce!
On a personal request, we followed the hearty meal with a trip down to the Sheoganj Market; Laden with their signature Saree shops all around. All you ladies, you simply can't miss out on the same for, we assure you that you are bound to ga-ga over them.

Having picked up another party of guests en route to the Retreat, we familiarized ourselves over a lovely meal of Mixed Veggies, Kofta, Dal & Rice, along-with a local favourite Papad ki Sabji, that was simply stellar.
With food in our bellies, we drove down in an open Jeep, or more aptly put "drove up", to MALINATH CAVE TEMPLE; that is indeed a wonder to witness! Placed at a height of over 350 steps; The temple is carved out in a cave, in a splendid form. Once atop, you get to witness a beautiful skyline - A spectacle for the shutterbugs.

Driving back to the retreat was itself a beauty in it's own aspects, with the sun going over the hills, the winter chill embracing us, longing us for a hot cuppa, when we stopped to witness mother nature over a riverbed!

When night fell, we headed out, warmly dressed, from the Retreat to the dark Farms that are spread across all around. Assisting us was a pair of torch lights, as we started looking for the gleaming eyes of Nilgais. With the experienced father of Krishnapal guiding us through from one farm to the other, we finally came out in the clear and witnessed the rustle of the big beasts.
If you are lucky and the sky is clear, with the moon shining, you are bound to be a part of an extremely special nocturnal experience.

The moment we got back and comfortably placed ourselves by the fire on the terrace, we started exchanging the experiences of the magic journey in the night; While piping hot food made it's way to us.

We were in for a surprise the next morning when Mr. Champawat Senior, sprung up a surprise activity and let us shoot his rifle, in open air! Our fascination knew no bounds, simply holding the piece is awespiring, imagine firing it? Haaaa!

Onto the BEST PART of the stay; which isn't the food, nor the stay and not even the late night drives but, it is the HOSPITALITY! KRISHNAPAL SINGH CHAMPAWAT, who owns and runs the serene hub, makes his presence felt in the form of topnotch service as well as enthusiasm!
You want to drive down to the river bed at 1 in the night? Chalo!
You want your food served hot after your drive? Will do!
A Leopard Safari, you say? It will be arranged!
What more could one ask for!

A few other highlights of our trip include; Waking up to the sight & chirping of exotic birds, some exceptionally pretty ones! A simply breath-taking experience for the entire team was gazing at the star-studded sky! Never have we ever spotted SO MANY stars twinkling away. Ask us what was the most special moment of the entire trip and we’ll tell you, without a second thought, it was witnessing not one but multiple shooting stars!

While our experience was greatly enviable, you can also make your way down to THE COUNTRY RETREAT FARMSTAY, to experience the Rustic, Regal, & Wilderness! Cheers.

Contact: +91-7742919278

Address: THE COUNTRY RETREAT FARMSTAY, VPO - Bankli, Teh. Sumerpur, Dist. Pali, Rajasthan - 306902

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