The Country Retreat Farmstay, Ranakpur

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At CityShor, its our job to present you with the BEST options, be it food, events, fashion, travel or anything great! And hence presenting "The Country Retreat" for those looking forward for a Peaceful yet amazing place to relax this holiday season. 
Located between Mt Abu & Ranakpur, The Country Retreat is a boutique Farmstay that offers luxury accommodation in the aristocratic settings co-matching the rustic beauty of countryside of the Godwad region of Rajasthan. The Country Retreat is to be found on 130 Acres of lush farmland in the epitome countryside The rooms are stirred with regal touch to experience the quintessence of Rajasthan.
One can explore an abundant range of activities like cycling, bird watching, Sheppard herding, & ample farming activities or just choose to hold a camera in one hand and a book in another. The place is paradise for bird watchers and it gives a closer glimpse of cultural aspects of rural Rajasthan with authentic come across. Its is also located very close to scenic Jawai Bandh, which is home to enormous wildlife.
Since they have limited rooms (only 3 rooms), it serves more like a Private villa for families. Just the right place to chill out with family. 

Contact details : 

Contact : +917742919278 
Go Experience the Rustic, Regal, & Wilderness!
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