The Croods Movie Review

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The following text tells you whether parents should take their kids for animated movie – Croods, a glimpse of its story and CityShor’s review.

When you go for an English animated movie, what do you normally expect… Oh before I start the review, let me tell you a hint of what’s it all about.

Croods – a family living and hunting in pre-historic times is one of the few to survive because of her overprotective father. Grug – the father believes, follows and imposes a theory to its family that exploration and ‘new things’ pose a threat to their survival, and says to NEVER “NOT to be afraid”. This irritates adventurous Eep (daughter), and when family falls asleep, she ignores her father’s advice and leaves the cave.  Eep meets imaginative and innovative guy named Guy, and thus begins an adventure to find safety, new home – basically helping Croods family to conquer their fear of the outside world.

An adventure that has “dad gets mad at the new person (virtually Eep’s boyfriends)”, “daughter hates over protective dad”, and “Dad and daughter’s love at the end” and “lot of goof-ups by Dad”. All such scenes are supposed to be really funny and it is funny but not every time. When you go for such animated movie, what do you normally expect: Cute expressions | Awesome one liner | Simple story that makes you feel good and laugh. Croods has all of it but less of everything. Occasionally it tickles you but largely you don’t get fascinated by the animation, story or comedy – its okies kinda movie.

Parents need to know that The Croods, while funny at times and nicely animated, deals with end of world, humans eating animals, falling rocks, earthquakes, etc. Having said all these, The Croods has a beautiful message of courage, not to fear unknown, family bonds and strong relationships.


All and all – its okies kinda movie.

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