New place on S G Highway - The Global Adda
#NewLaunch New place - If I told you that there is a place right on S.G. Highway that has a Garde
Droolworthy dishes to try at The Global Adda
Global - amazing - unusual (we’re honestly out of apt adjectives) dishes meet cheerful dining
Open to sky cafe on SG Highway - The Global Adda
“The city. The traffic. The rush. The peepeeep.” - uppar-chhalllu josho, to SG Highway p
25%  off on bill for entire 2020 - The Global Adda
Officially the best thing that has happened in Ahmedabad in 2020!   “A Destination
Street Food Carnival at The Global Adda starting tomorrow
Missing street food? Be like Simran! Raj is waiting for you with a STREET FOOD CARNIVAL at
Place with 3 dif dining areas on SG Highway- The Global Adda
A good place for all the last minute valentine plas-   The only place on S. G. Highway