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It all began three decades ago. A sports rivalry between two of the foremost Light-heavyweight boxers. Henry “Razor” Sharp (Sylvester Stallone) and Billy “The Kid” McConnen (Robert De Nero).

With both scoring one match all in a epic battle of three matches, just before the final bout is to begin, Razor announces his retirement, leaving all but one thing unanswered “Who’s the better Fighter?”

Current date, Razor and The Kid are pulled back into the arena for the last fight and a chance to settle the accounts, once and for all.

“The Grudge Match”, is a beautiful experience revolving around two legendary boxers, both of whom trying to resolve their past and fixing their lives in the present day and how do they do it. The only way they know “Gloves, Ring and Punch”

The script is a classic transition from witty one-liners and comic moments to beautifully captured heart wrenching sequences. You see the good old Rambo and Rocky in Stallone whenever he re-visits his yesteryears with those cool one liners.

Robert De’nero on the other hand plays his character with the utmost cool. His share of the class is undeniable & unequivocal.  Denero pulls out his class at those precise moments which leaves you in utter awe.

The other characters are brilliantly portrayed and the casting is to the hilt. There is no dull moment in the movie especially with those classic and amazingly funny one liners by Alan Arkin. He surely is a bright one.

A perfect mix of movie making, plot, humor and brilliant casting, “The Grudge Match” is sure not to be missed.

A Stallone fan or a Denero follower, this one will take you to the next level of worship!!!

PS: Don’t miss, the post credit sequence.

All in all, “The Grudge Match” deserves 3 Shor.

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