The Heat Movie Review

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The Heat Movie Review

The Heat, starring Sandra Bullock and Mellisa McCarthy seems to be a new age comedy. From the genre of Buddy-Cop movies, THE HEAT is for sure different in its treatment. Sandra Bullock has played a cop before but this time she plays a straight-faced workaholic cop.

Maybe, THE HEAT is kind of a mess, but it’s a funny mess. Bullock plays Ashburn. An FBI agent, competent but suffers from by-the-book syndrome. She gets competitive with her co-workers and precisely the reason she has not won any friends in the community. She is so obsessed with proving her intelligence that she even competes with a K9, from her unit and feels proud when she wins over it.

Come’s McCarthy who plays Mullins. A detective from the Boston PD. She unlike Ashburn is being feared from her fellow colleagues for her arrogance, Vulgarity and steadfast commitment towards her job. McCarthy’s style of slapstick humor and everything-is-funny does make her presence felt on the screen. I take the liberty to state that at times, she shadows Sandra bullock completely.

The duo of Ashburn and Mullins have been put on a case to arrest a brutal drug kingpin. The plot is not a Beverly hills cops or a Die Hard. But then it has its share of the cops and bad guys. Many a times in the movie the story takes a turn and becomes painful to bear. Trust me when I say, I had to pinch myself to bring myself back to senses.

The movie feels like different pieces of comic strip put together with some boring plots in the middle. You just wake up for the comic part. Rest you can sleep away to glory.

Paul Figg (director) knows his way around the actors. For sure Bullock, America’s sweetheart has been wasted big time. After winning an Oscar, I was expecting Bullock to be more sensible on the choice of the scripts. The only saving grace of the movie is McCarthy. She is one of the best comic I have come across in recent times. It’s like every word coming out of her mouth is for sure to tickle your funny bone. The McCarthy comedy is slapstick and in-your-face.

The Plot thickens only when Ashburn (bullock) and Mullins (McCarthy) are out to pin the drug lord so that they can save Mullins brother and Ashburn can win her long-awaited promotion.

So will they be able to sacrifice their personal ambitions and the love for their family in the line of duty, is what THE HEAT is all about.

Rating: 2.5/5

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