The Hitman's Bodyguard: Movie Review

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Director: Patrick Hughes
Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, Ryan Reynolds, Gary Oldman, Salma Hayek and Elodie Yung.
On one of my YouTube binging, I chanced upon the trailer for The Hitman’s Bodyguard that unfailingly impressed me (Samuel L Jackson and Ryan Reynolds is why) so, I hit the premier show itself with a tub full of popcorn thinking I was in for a killer 2 hours but, was left somewhat disappointed.Turns out, the 2 minute trailer is literally what the movie is all about.
The film is dominated by lavish killing, overtly unnecessary cursing, cheesy music and a clichéd storyline that cannot fail. Mind you, I am a fan of Jackson’s badass attitude and crass humour but such a prolific use of the word ‘Motherf***er’ ruined the comedy for me (and for Ryan Reynolds it seems).
Briefly about what’s happening, Darius Kincaid, an infamous hitman agreed to testify against a Belarusian dictator, Dukhovich in exchange of his wife’s freedom with the Interpol. Now add a traitor who hands over Kincaid to the dictator's death squad on a silver platter just about every now and then.
Seeing how things never work in favour of the police, the hitman is guarded by the world’s most stellar protection agent, Michael Bryce who is simply doing this for a girl (of course). There is always a deadline, right? Think 24 hours of a Eurotrip (UK-Italy-Amsterdam-The Hague) seasoned with outlandish boat escapades, car chases, guns and bombs, the ever-so-needed jump off a building and an extra dose of love.
Despite the typical storyline, I was undeniably impressed with the locations of each brawl and chase. Sonia Kincaid steals the comic bits of the movie with her bold, audacious performance. And we all love Gary Oldman (playing Dukhovich), don’t we? The first half of the movie is in fact ‘killer’ with the odd couple, Kincaid-Bryce's bantering but, in entirety the scenes get repetitive, the humour loses essence and the enormous mindless killing loses its grasp.
2.5 Shors for this one-time-watch rampant adventure-action comedy.
Reviewed by Shreeya Bohra
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