The Ideal Wedding Gift for all seasons and reasons

The wedding season is fast approaching and with it comes the worries about many a things. Among the hoard of concerns, is that one concern of gifting. While it may look like a small affair but trust us, a thoughtful and a not so routine gifting idea is very well appreciated. Weddings are a very important part in today’s world. Everything is getting customised. Each gift or event is created to deliver an experience or be a part of the complete story.

What you gift is an extension of you. Dryfruits, mithai, flowers are so done with. They are also so predictable and they don’t carry that feel of newness anymore. To be honest they feel like a heartlessgifting idea!

El'lure-the candle shop presents a whole new range of products that can be used as gifts along with the invite or as return favours after the wedding. They are also ideal gifts for all social functions which leave a lasting spill over.
El’lure – The Candle shop has launched a new range of fragrant candles for the first time in Gujarat and these are available in beautifully crafted jars with some beautiful gifting options. El’lure the candle shop’s decorative range is magnificent and comes with a wide range of variety which makes them favorite amongst wedding as well as personal gifts.

El'lure the candle shop invites everyone to The Shaadi Festival YMCA from 1st to 3rd they are showcasing one of the  rare exotic fragrant candles & decorative candles as well. You can contact them on 7600019655.

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