The Imitation Game: Movie Review

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Director: Morten Tyldum
Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode, Rory Kinnear, Allen Leech, Matthew Beard, Charles Dance, Mark Strong.

159 million million million possible encrypted combinations v/s one individual… one ‘misfit’ individual – that’s The Imitation Game for you. Director Morten Tyldum unveils the story of Alan Turing – a bullied genius and a remarkable mathematician who, along with a team of other cryptanalysts, is hired to crack the Enigma (the German code used by the Axis powers to attack Allied moves) during the darkest years of World War II. What follows is a terrific series of events that are meant to change the course of history. However that’s not all… the movie simultaneously delves in the Asperger’s syndrome ridden brain of a socially awkward and recklessly intelligent Alan, who eventually revealed to the world its biggest boon - modern computing. 
Just when we thought God-liked-Sherlock-so-much-he-created-a-real-one, Benedict Cumberbatch breaks all shackles of typecast and emerges as the new era Russell Crowe of A Beautiful Mind, this time only to save millions of life by cutting short the World War II. Portrayed to be a prodigy, he loves to crack crosswords puzzles, but struggles to understand even the simplest of social gestures like flirting! Brilliant characterization also goes for Keira Knightley who excels as a like-minded understanding friend as well as a one-time fiancée.
Subtle composure underlines their performances.
The screenplay juggles between World War II and post war era along with a throw back of the agony of Alan’s childhood years. The crisp non-linear editing along with some real war archival footage, keeps you hooked to each and every frame so much so that you’d hate even to blink! Before you know you’re soo involved in the plot that when the machine finally cracks its first code, you find yourself exhilarated (giving girls another reason for wanting to hug Cumberbatch!)
Talking of agony, the movie also explores the torment of homosexuality… especially in the post war era. The protagonist, who is never able to cope up the loss of love in his childhood, is a loner. He loves to crack crosswords; the biggest being the codes of the Nazis, but is never able to figure the melancholies and puzzles that come with love… and eventually succumbs to them.
Consider us snobs, the movie, obviously predictable left us with high hopes for an equally engaging end. But we did feel a little let down… maybe that’s the challenge that comes with book adaptions.
All in all here’s to a stunning 1hour 57 minutes… 4shors!

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