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Aren't we all literally fed up with hoards of new food joints, restaurants, cafes, food trucks opening up in the city? Well, the answer is surely no. No matter how many restaurants open up, we Amdavadis love to try anything which is new in the city. And to the biggest surprise, these new places are by and large always occupied.

Bringing you a brand new joint, we have THE INDIANO SPICE that has opened in the city, serving the best of Asian Cuisine and some highlights from the Global map as well. Name a dish and probably they have it on their menu. And it surely promises you to be a complete meal - soup, starters, salads, sizzlers, baked dishes, curries, Indian veggies, desserts and if you are wondering about the tit-bits for less appetite animals, they also have sandwiches, pizzas, and pastas as well.

What's so unique about this place? Well, be honest and accept it that you look for more traditional food and taste, comfy setting when you hang-out with your family or really want to have that ‘satisfaction’. This is the right place for such food outings. 
Decked up in all flair and elan, THE INDIANO SPICE is laden with exposed brick walls, and pipings all over; making for a very rustic feel. 

Before we get into what we loved; how many of you are fans of Mocktails? Well, we at CityShor surely are. Talking about what is up for grabs, we thoroughly loved their ORANGE LEMON RELAXER that offers a burst of Orange and Lime, mingled with Lemonade. There is also Cuddles on the beach, Virgin Pina Colada, Cranberry Lemonade, and a Green Apple Mojito for you to relish.

Follow it up with their BROCCOLI CHEESE ALMOND SOUP, that offers chopped broccoli, julienne carrots, pepper, butter, cheese and almonds. Well, we are sure we don't have to talk about its ingredients but its surely a worth try. And people who believes in experiments can go for their ASIAN YELLOW SOUP which had loads of oriental spices.

Pair it up with their fresh salads for, be it their WALDORF SALAD with fresh apples, celery and walnuts dressed in honey mayonnaise tossed with lettuce; or their CAESAR SALAD that rightly boasts of offering fresh iceberg lettuce, bread croutons, olives, bell peppers, dressed in garlic and an infused mayonnaise dressing - you are in for a treat.

The restaurant also serves cottage cheese strips on a wooden skewer marinated with coconut milk and curry powder grilled, served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad; making for a lovely portion of SATAY COTTAGE CHEESE.
More to gorge is their COTTAGE CHEESE ALL-ROUNDER, BURRITOS DE CASSIDY, and also their FAJITAS PLATTER, that offers soft tortillas, refined beans lightly tossed in veggies, cheddar cheese, grilled cottage cheese, and butter rice, served with a pepper salad.    

Making for a fitting end to a fitting meal, is their extremely fitting FUDGE SUNDAE, that is fittingly worthy for your indulgence.
We never know when we might make our way to THE INDIANO SPICE next but, one thing that we know for sure is that it is bound to be great experience, that calls for your attention, this weekend. Cheers.

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