The Legend of Hercules Movie Review

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It may be first but and it’s epically bad, with literally almost nothing to recommend it. Even Disney’s animated feature was a better retelling than this.

The Legend of Hercules is yet another big-budget movie which is just a lame knockoff of 300Gladiator, and Braveheart. Director Renny Harlin even copies Zack Snyder’s style of action sequence – frequently slowing down the frame rate in order to emphasize the awesome moments in fights.

There’s little humor in the script, but there’s potential for humor in the visuals: At one point, Hercules flings around two giant chunks of stonetied to chains; later, he whips them with a thunderbolt using his sword.

Lutz’s complete lack of charisma is certainly part of the problem: His pectorals can fill the screen but they can’t overdub his lines. His face also registers a couple of emotions. He seems, frankly, out of his element.

This film is poorly written and haphazardly directed. The movie fails on every level. At least that’s one less sequel to worry about.

1.5 Shor

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