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Life is so simple yet so complicated, so beautiful yet so painful … small mistakes that lead to the right things and yet the RIGHT is mystifying.

Lunch Box is a simple movie with simple feelings yet complicated given that emotions are too difficult to understand, believe, explain or share. Lunch box puts a smile on your face, at times makes you grin, giggle a bit and then makes you cry. Well, not cry may be, but you sure will feel the pain in your throat the way it does when you try to hold your emotions or tears back. It touches your heart, pinches it and stays there when you walk out of the theatre, get into the lift, walk to the parking lot, switch on engine of your vehicle, you put on the first gear & the gears thereafter, you drive through the traffic & all the chaos around, you meet people during or after the movie but you can’t pay attention or you don’t want to, you feel good, you feel sad, you relate, you don’t relate, you understand, you don’t understand, you feel funny … but the aftereffects remain. I am not sure if you would also feel the same but I, for one, am still under the influence (and it’s more than an hour the movie is over). The movie is simply nostalgic.

Meet Ila (Nimrat Kaur), the very housewife you have seen at your home or next door or right beside you. She is trying her best to get her husband’s attention. She prepares different dishes for her husband, may be, believing the route back to her husband’s heart is through the stomach. She is assisted by an Aunty, you only get to hear, not see. And one day, by mistake, the dabba meant for her husband reaches Irfaan. Irfaan, a widower, is on verge of retirement & is leading a dull life, may be waiting for his end. The dabba brings an unsaid, unexplainable taste to his life alongwith a letter from Ila … giving birth to a love that has endless stories in it.
Acting? No this movie is beyond that skill. Every character, every scene, every moment has a meaning. You can’t get your eyes or ears off screen even in one of those stretched scenes. You would try to find meanings to so many said & unsaid simple dialogues with no or very deep meaning … it’s like … a few words better left untold, a few parts of story better left unfold and a few emotions better left unexplored.

Having said all, the movie is not meant for typical-bollywood-movie-lovers. And I am not sure how many out of you can actually appreciate (or believe or understand) the love the main characters share.

Go watch it if you have appetite for something new …

4 shors (or a bit more) out of 5.

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